Travel zone – Simple Step to Mastering the Train System

The Copenhagen train framework is known as the S-Tog. The majority of the trains on the framework presently are new and smooth red carriages. So as to appreciate the experience, than acing Danish train venture out is indispensable to going with certainty. Here are 10 straightforward advances.

  1. The S-Tog or S-Train and runs along 6 lines – A, B, C, E, F and H. Each line runs north and south from Copenhagen Primary Train Station. aside from the F line. At each station you will discover a guide of the different lines. You presently discover which station you need to get off at and than jump on that line.
  2. Zones: The train framework is broken into zones and it is fundamental to see what number of zones you will go through. On the train maps, the different zones are separated into zones. Each zone is separated into hues and furthermore has a number connected. The most mainstream zones are 1 and 2. Zone 1 is must of metropolitan Copenhagen; Zone 2 is the distant rural areas toward the north and west of the city.
  3. Tickets are fundamental for all train travel, so you should either get a ticket at one of the ticket automats at the stations or get a klippekort from the stand to punch. At the automat you simply adhere to the guidelines for purchasing a ticket. You check your course from your beginning station and than what number of zones are you going through including your beginning and closure mytravelzone . On the off chance that you start in Zone 1 and end up in Zone 31, you will have gone in zone 1,2 and 31, so that would be 3 zones. You will require a 3-zone ticket.
  4. Finding the correct train. Each train will have the line number showed on the front and side of the train, yet since each line goes in two ways, how would you know which one to take. Here you have to take a gander at the line guide and take a gander at the last station. In the event that the last stop is Farum, you realize that the train is on the line that goes from your station towards Farum. In the event that it says Solrod Strand the train is going towards that station. If all else fails, which is typically the situation for amateurs, simply ask another traveler on the stage, who will happily help.
  5. Boarding the train. This may not be issue if there are others around, however now and then you are the main individual boarding. To open the entryway, there are two round catches outwardly entryways. Simply press the catch and the entryways will open consequently. Continuously let individuals leaving the train get off, before you jump on.

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