The Sui Southern Gas Company

The Sui Southern Gas Company’s (SSGC) new bills, no doubt, replicate a method Performa, replacement its old-style font since a couple of months past. However, the left front portion of the bill reflects a broad belt of advertising signs of KFC whereas it’s back portion additionally shows advertisements of KFC and a couple of textile firms from high to bottom on ‘customer-copy’, exploit a little counter leaf for SSGC record purpose.

It is attention-grabbing that on an SSGC bill, the photographs, numerics, and wordings of different advertisements are written in broad-size than the SSGC info. These deserve to attract the publications of KFC and Textile Co over SSGC duplicate Bill, maybe sponsored by aforementioned firms at freed from price to SSGC. A good area of the gas bill is roofed by uncalled-for advertisements.

There are a couple of a lot of demerits of the new SSGC bill, like elaborate info regarding SSGC for shopper steerage written on its back portion are reduced compared to recent Performa. For advance payers of bills underneath advance payment theme (APS) of SSGC, it’s neither any line nor shows applicable discount given in monthly bills against advance payment.

Its column of the ‘consumption history’ doesn’t replicate the ‘amount of bill’ comparable to month/cubic meters. The column of ‘payments history’ will either replicate ‘advance payments’ or ‘monthly payment’ however just in case of (advance payer’s) one in every of the aforementioned 2 information’s stay missing on the bill.

The two lines reading ‘previous balance’ and ‘balance brought forward’ (for advance payers) don’t replicate the sign of credit (-), besides the quantity, as per universal normal.

SSGC is taken into account to be a giant well-thought-of company and may not compromise on its fame and market name. Therefore, MD-SSGC is requested to revise the Performa of the new SSGC bill reflective all necessary and necessary information’s in a powerful look of a lot of SSGC bill than dominated by advertisements at the value of SSGC.

The frequency with that Sui Southern utility restricted sends carelessly ready gas consumption bills to its customers has gone up and also the services that facilitation centers are expected to increase to confused client treat them badly.

One of such baffled customers told Business Recorder on Tuesday that a minimum of once in six months he receives exaggerated bills, or bills showing arrears of payment.

On every visit to the facilitation center for correction of the bills he faces remarks like ‘your house remains closed, ‘readings were refused’ or ‘probably, the meter desires replacement’. However, what they fail to ascertain is that the regularity of payment and recording of meter showing consumption. The explanation for an inaccurate charge is usually attributed to ignorance of contractors and their field workers accountable for a recording meter reading.

In Gregorian calendar month, 2006 the client (customer No 1507025131) received a bill showing the balance of Rs 1065, total current charges for November-2006 Rs 5938, and quantity due inside the day of the month zilch. this month bill details of an equivalent bill showed gas charges Rs 1325, meter rent Rs twenty, GST Rs 774, different charges zilch, less previous bills Rs 6509 adjustment-debit zilch and adjustment-credit zilch. During this bill, gas charges were shown as Rs 1325. There was nothing to be bought the charge month.

In Gregorian calendar month, 2006 the client (customer No 1507025131) received a bill showing Rs 4350 due for payment by January thirteen, 2007. This bill showed previous balance Rs 4872, total current charges for December-2006 Rs 512, quantity due inside the day of the month (January thirteen, 2007) Rs 4350, late payment surcharge Rs 436 and just in case the payment is formed when the day of the month Rs 4790. Gas charges were shown as Rs 425. Amazingly, gas charges were shown but 0.5 the consumption for the month of a Gregorian calendar month and Rs eleven over the whole gas consumption charges.

When the client contacted SSGC workplace for the reason of those 2 entirely totally different things he was given another bill having a stamp of ‘duplicate’. It’s the inscription ‘estimated bill subject to adjustment’. It shows quantity due inside a day of the month Rs -4360.14.

This client, like others UN agency have received incorrect bills, isn’t certain what’s progressing to happen to his bills within the future and the way more visits he can need to build at the value of absence from his workplace. He doesn’t grasp that bill to depend on. Efforts were created to contact totally different departments coping with customers and also the press to understand the SSGC aspect of the story was vain.

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